Two Stroke Engine Oils

Super Outboard 3
A premium two stroke marine outboard oil formulated with a special ashless additive system that ensures that ash-induced deposits are not
formed in the combustion chamber. Recommended for all water cooled two stroke marine outboard engines, both oil injected and oil petrol premix engines at petrol-to-oil ratios up to 100: l. TC-W3 Certified; API: TD

20 (Pre-diluted)
Havoline 2T
Premium performance "low smoke", semi-synthetic two stroke motorcycle oil formulated with a low ash additive system. Suitable for air and water cooled two-stroke motorcycle engines particularly Japanese high performance motorcycle engines and the latest generation of two stroke scooter engines. JASO:FC; ISO: EGC; API:TC

20 (Pre-diluted)

Two Stroke Lawnmower Oil
A two stroke all mineral motor oil desigred for two stroke lawn mower engines. Recommended for two stroke petrol engrne lawn mowers and other small air cooled two stroke engines both oil-injected and oil-petrol pre-mix engines up to 50:l ratios. JASO:FB: ISO:EGB
  20 (Pre-diluted)